R: teaching. These are some notes that relate with a class of R programming I am teaching at the Harris Stowe State University, Spring 2020:

A file progdata.txt is needed for download for the MIDTERM1. One student, although was providing the correct path for the H: drive in the class, where she saved the file, could not read the data progdata.txt. Therefore, here is another way how to read the same data, but now from my www site: PYSTAT.com

The R code to read these data as they exist online with the purpose to turn them into a R object named prog will be as follows:

read.delim() function is a version of read.table(). Check how read.table works by using ?read.table in RStudio. After you have become familiar with read.table() function, then you can apply the following command in RStudio to read the data to be used in the MIDTERM1 for graphing four boxplots command lines provided in the midterm1.

prog <- read.delim("http://pystat.com/Rteaching/progdata.txt", skip=3, header=T, sep="\t")